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The College has decided to re-schedule all classes occurring in the Newman Vertical Campus (NVC) only that begin after 3:00 p.m. on Monday, November 28, 2011. These classes will be re-scheduled for Friday, December 2nd in the same room and at the same time. Existing Friday afternoon sections will be rescheduled. Please check the college registrar web page, which will be updated by Monday morning, or the instructor’s Blackboard account, for the latest scheduling information.

All administrative staff who work in the NVC only are also being granted administrative leave, beginning at 3 p.m. on Monday. Individual unit managers and division directors are authorized, however, to move essential personnel to a different work location as they deem necessary.

These actions are being taken to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff during the period surrounding the meeting of the CUNY Board of Trustees in the Newman Vertical Campus on Monday afternoon. For this reason, student presence in the Vertical Campus after 3:00 p.m. will be limited only to those completing a class already in progress and initial access will be granted only to those with an urgent and legitimate need to be in the building. We are determined to avoid any repetition of the regrettable events that occurred in the narrow confines of the NVC lobby during the CUNY Board’s public hearing last Monday. (emphasis added)

It is indeed fortunate that no Baruch students were arrested last week, and that none of those who were arrested was seriously injured. According to the information reaching me, all of these individuals were charged with a misdemeanor; and contrary to certain information in circulation, no one has subsequently been denied access to any Baruch College facility.

I want to restate again my commitment to the right of free expression on the Baruch College campus. Until such time as we are able to obtain an outdoor public plaza, we will work to identify other public spaces where members of the Baruch College community can gather to express their views in a peaceful and orderly fashion.

Mitchel Wallerstein
President, Baruch College

TRUTH from Mark Torres!

Sisters and Brothers,

There is a new student group called Students United for a Free CUNY that is fighting the attempt of CUNY’s Board of Trustees to keep working class youth (especially Blacks and Latinos) from attaining a college education.  This courageous group of young women and men were brutality attacked by CUNY’s police force on Monday November 21st because they were speaking out against the GENTRIFICATION of the colleges.  
Part of this GENTRIFICATION PLAN has included imposing tuition (CUNY was free from 1847 until the 1970s when People of Color became the majority) and constantly raising tuition, underfunding CUNY, eliminating OPEN ADMISSIONS, using waiting lists to dissuade people from entering CUNY, making the application process more difficult, segregating primarily Black and Latino students into Community Colleges, underfunding and disbanding Black, Latino, Asian and Women Studies Departments and downgrading them to programs, recruiting European-American students to the Senior Colleges with scholarships and building dorms for them, and by creating a POLICE STATE on campus that on a daily basis harasses and attempts to deny students their rights to free speech and assembly.

The GENTRIFICATION OF CUNY is most glaringly apparent at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn which has been chronically underfunded and is now headed by a race traitor who has attacked vital programs that link the college to the community, and who has destroyed any sense of democracy on campus.  Clearly, the Board of Trustees wants to take Medgar Evers away from the Black community and hand it over to the Hasidic Community–NYC Divisive Race Politics 101.
Moreover, the New York City Department of Education graduates students who are not ready for college, over 3/4 of our high school graduates need remedial classes when they get to CUNY, and the CUNY Board of Trustees is “RAISING STANDARDS” to push out and keep out our future leaders and defenders.  Our youth are being squeezed between RACISM at the Kindergarten through High School levels and RACISM at the City University of New York.  

While we are clear that CUNY’s Board of Trustees are puppets of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Wall Street (10 out of the 15 appointed “Trustees” are directly tied to Corporate Interests and includes 1 Board member who worked in the FBI’s counterintelligence division), we need to speak out at the next Board of Trustees’ meeting and plan for the continued fight against CUNY’s Gentrification Plan.

Press Conference

You can find links of videos and reporting done on the attack of students by CUNY Public Safety and NYPD.

Students gathered at Baruch at 4pm on Monday, November 22.  It was a CUNY-WIDE march organized by Students United for a Free Cuny, a coalition of CUNY campuses dedicated (among other things) to having open admissions at CUNY, along with its original mission of being free for any NYC public school graduate.   Students were there, in part, because the Board of Trustees is known for making damaging decisions for students, without hearing from any students.  Further, since many of Trustees are not actually educators or affiliated with education in any kind of way (they are bankers or work in Finance) it would make sense that they hear from the people whose lives they are affecting.

Over the summer the Board raised tuition for the next five years, knowing that many students were not on campus, and there would be little push back from them.  On Monday the 22nd, the Board had a “public” meeting to discuss tuition increases.  Many students tried to register and were not allowed to, meanwhile, many PSC members were denied admittance.  There was nothing public about this meeting.

The protesters were met with hostility from police and public safety, which quickly escalated into a violent attack of students and professors.  Students United is holding a press conference FRIDAY @ 12pm on the steps of CITY HALL to discuss the attack.

Watch these links and show up.

There will be another protest on Monday November 28, @4pm at Baruch, more details to come.


First, an overhead video shot from inside. See the footage at 3:50 to see how the police attack the demonstratorsABC (some of the best video I’ve seen of the police violence):

Students UNITED: Working List of Demands

Drafted by Russell

*This is a working draft and there are on going conversations about additions/modifications, etc. We have some great super smart members in our group, so there will be some tweeking, but enjoy the work in progress. 

We, the students of CUNY and the people of New York, walked out of class and into this board meeting today together, because singly, we are not being heard.
We demand, of the State of New York, of Governor Cuomo, Speaker Silver, and the rest of the state legislature, represented here by the CUNY Board of Trustees, a better CUNY.

We demand that you repeal this tuition increase, NYSUNY 2020, and do not pass any other increase.


We demand free tuition and admission open to all with a high school diploma or GED, with special attention in admissions to New York City public high school graduates.

We demand that you fund adjuncts’ health care, and all the wages, benefits, and working conditions for our faculty and staff need to live in dignity.
We demand that you pay for this by continuing the Millionaires’ Tax, reinstating the Stock Transfer Tax, and pivoting spending within CUNY away from wealthy top administrators’ compensation and toward the education of students and compensation of faculty and staff.

We demand that you pass laws that support students: we demand a state resolution in support of the federal DREAM Act, state laws to protect undocumented students, and a change in food stamp rules to acknowledge “full-time student” as an occupation, so that immigration laws and hunger will no longer interfere with our education.
We demand that you fund a truly excellent CUNY—no more overcrowded classes and crumbling buildings, no more cafeterias with serious city health code violations, no more underfunding of the arts, humanities, and, especially, LGBTQ Studies, Africana Studies, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, Women’s Studies and other departments that teach us about our histories and herstories. Fully fund student services—free childcare, affordable housing, and nutritious, affordable food.
We demand that CUNY resources such as libraries, health clinics, computer labs and other campus amenities be opened up to the neighborhoods of New York.
Finally, we demand that you reform CUNY’s governance. All major decisions at CUNY, especially curriculum changes like the proposed “Pathways Project,” should be made by a “People’s Board of Trustees,” to be elected by students, faculty, staff, and community members. The current board represents the interests of the wealthy who comprise it and the politicians who appoint it, not the people of CUNY.”


They are joining with the Puerto Rican Alliance to protest Columbus Day!

They are also appearing at the faculty council meetings, (which is the governing body over the faculty at Brooklyn College)

They are working on solidifying a time and place to meet regularly.  So if you are a Brooklyn College student and have somewhere this group can meet reach out to

Check out their blog out here.




Why are students paying more in tuition and loans but are getting less each semester??

Teachers are being fired, books are expensive, financial aid is limited, programs and resources are being cut.
When our schools are under attack, we must stand up and fight back!

On Wed. Oct. 5th, Students are holding teach-ins and walk-outs on their campuses from 1 to 3pm to address these problems. Then we will join other CUNY students alongside Community and Labor groups at 4:30pm on Foley Square–Duane St. and Centre St. (outside 26 Federal Plaza)–and march down to Ziccotti Park in support of OccupyWallStreet to demand that big banks and millionaires pay up.

Our schools suffer in this struggling economy while the wealthy benefit and make huge profits at our expense.

Students have had enough!

See you there.