Morales/Shakur Center

2006 article: Student Activists Under Attack at City College of New York for Honoring Black and Puerto Rican Liberation Heroes

by Brad Sigal | Fight Back News Service  read the entire article here

December 18, 2006

A Center for Organizing

The Morales/Shakur Center houses various activist groups and projects. Students for Education Rights was the group that led the student strike that won the space for the Morales/Shakur Center from the CUNY administration in 1989. Union de Jovenes Dominicanos and Dominicanos 2000 use the Morales/Shakur Center for their activities, including running a Pre-University Program that works with hundreds of high school students from the community. Student Liberation Action Movement is an activist group at CUNY formed in 1995 in opposition to another round of tuition hikes. The Messenger, which was started as an alternative newspaper at CCNY in 1997, uses the center too.


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