Sending a message in New York City



“Bloomberg and Cuomo have put forward budget proposals for the city and state that would have a devastating effect on schools, health care, housing, child care services and more–all programs that poor and working-class New Yorkers rely on.

Cuomo’s budget plan passed the state legislature in April. His proposal cuts $10 billion for the next fiscal year, with further reductions of $13 billion, $15.4 billion and $17 billion in the following years. This year alone, school aid and the state’s Medicaid health care program will both lose nearly $3 billion each, and the cuts are even sharper for other programs. Reductions in spending account for nearly 90 percent of the governor’s plan to close the state’s budget shortfall.

Bloomberg and Cuomo want poor and working New Yorkers to pay the price for the economic crisis that Wall Street caused.”

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