MUST READ: On Democracy

Originally posted on facebook notes

by Khalil Vasquez

de·moc·ra·cy [ di mókrəssee ]   Greek a) from demos = people, and b) kratos = power

  1. free and equal representation of people: the free and equal right of every person to participate in a system of government, often practiced by electing representatives of the people by the majority of the people
  2. democratic nation: a country with a government that has been elected freely and equally by all its citizens
  3. democratic system of government: a system of government based on the principle of majority decision-making

This was Found in; Encarta World English Dictionary.

Is Amerikkka of any of these three definitions? The founding Fathers philosophized about democracy and equality, or so it would seem. With the exclusion of Women, people of color (Amerindians and African Slaves mostly at that time), and even poor white males who were not economically nor socially privileged, Democracy in the U.S was anything but a “majority will of the people”. PhD. in Political Science Micheal Parenti canonizes best, in his book; “Democracy for the Few”. In fact this is a settler nation since its inception, had the function of being a democracy of the few rich, and powerful white men.

Felons are a large constituent of unrecognized people. According to; currently, over 5.3 million people in the USA are denied the right to vote because of felony disenfranchisement. This nullifies 2. Felons are considered citizens, but they cannot vote, approximately 70% of these felons are men of Color and virtually all of them are working class men who were already born poor and underprivileged. There is a direct correlation between men of color in low-class neighborhoods being the most unemployed, achieving the least in education, and generally existing as the most proletarianized, in conjunction with the fact that prisons are disproportionately loaded with these same men.

Is there equal and free representation? With the exclusion of felons, who are largely colored, there is also lack of representation among; Gays, “Leftists”(Socialists, Communists, Anarchist’s, etc;), but most of all, the Regular Working Poor, who only live to work, and only work as long as their cheap labor is profitable (Marx).  Leftist are absolutely unrecognized by the state. This is of upmost importance. On the one hand; ‘Democracy’, is meant to give equal and free representation. On the other; much of the left (Yours truly included), will not operate within the state, let alone reform it; ala the ‘nice’ Well-fare Capitalism, with a ‘human face’. Just as the Real Left would (and WILL) call upon the oppressed masses to suppress the minority ruling-elite (bourgeoisie) , the State, from Slavery societies, to Feudal, and our Modern Democratic Capitalist Society CANNOT and WILL NOT allow any representation. (Save the ‘Socialist’ governor of Vermont Bernie Sanders

Many politicians give hope to the poor, many scum politicians use this hope to get themselves elected. It would almost seem that many of these political ‘leaders’, are in fact a modern day Robin Hood, like Obama. While at the same time they are funded by the Corporations, Wall St and Upper-Supra-rich Class (see bourgeoisie). They make themselves, and those underprivileged and under-educated (due to the State) undergo feelings of solidarity and charity by giving hand-outs to the poor. Better yet they can only amuse the working poor. These are not our leaders, men like Obama, and many other politicians are POVERTY PIMPS. You are inclined to look at what has really changed for Our Working class, besides the increased exportations, increased arrests of political activists, and increased militarization of the police, escalation of Oils Wars, and New Oil Wars, and further cuts to the meager vital help that the working class receives for mere sustenance. Equal and free representation is for those who can afford it and those who DO NOT CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO is not possible under the State apparatus that preaches “Democracy”.

There is some semblance between democracy and social control. The “pioneers” of Democracy were the ancient Greek Athenians. Who also excluded women, slaves, and once again even those men who did not have enough wealth (the majority). The reason for this is that as those who exploited the masses, gained more power, and more influence. And for them the Most Important issue on the To Do list was suppression, division and sabotage of the masses for the benefit of their rule. This State Democracy is at the fore front of class antagonisms, for ONLY when there is a division of class, is it necessary to have consensus for ruling competing factions. When there is mixing Democracy with Warfare Capitalism, (i.e.; Amerikkka) your encounter empirical inequality. They Came and still continue to come to a consensus for the Subtle Slavery of Our Class. With every new generation Revolution is Essential. Solidarity is Vital. This Day, the time of Rule by Minority has become obsolete, and the Status Quo with it.


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