CUNY Protests Tuition Hikes

by Julian Guerrero

Entire Article Here

Since 2003, tuition has gone up 44 percent, with very little response in comparison with students fighting against cuts and hikes in Europe. In this way, the board’s tactic of incremental increases in tuition has been effective at blunting the student backlash in New York City.

“Speakers were allotted three minutes each to voice their opinions about the proposed budget. Nearly all of the administrators, including some faculty members, praised the board of trustees’ budget proposal. They claimed that the success of their campuses, in terms of expanding their campuses and increasing their enrollment of “high quality” students, justified the unfair tuition hikes and faculty cutbacks.

Each administrator who gave this kind of statement only infuriated students more. Students openly heckled and jeered administrators and the board of trustees.

Every student that spoke to the board told them to reject the proposed budget, with many citing examples of the hardships that students face. Several speakers said that the proposed tuition hike would force students out of CUNY midway through their journey to attaining a college degree, as well as push CUNY further from its mission statement as an educational institution for the working class.”








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