* a disclaimer that I am typing this on my phone on the bus home and not proofreading as well as I should…bear with me 🙂

Wow! Tonight was amazing. Domingo and I (with Amir…my 5 year old) brought along a New York Community Coalition organizer (the amazingly patient Hannah) to a community gathering @ the Village House off of Rutland Ave in Brooklyn. The adventure began at BMCC where we all met. We took the train to what the internet told us would be the closest stop….however the internet lied to us today. After trekking from Franklin Ave and walking through Crown Heights (which dramatically changed @ Lincoln Ave into what a passerby called Lafferty Gardens (sp?) We finally arrived at a home that was referred to in the neighborhood as “the village house.” We were asked to take our shoes off and we sat as the “gathering began”. It was one dynamic speaker after another. Each one putting their own perspective and expertise into telling the history and the current crisis of what was happening at Medgar Evers.
There was a buzzing energy that filled the room, after each speaker we all clapped enthusiastically (especially Amir since it was the only time he could really be animated….he even wooped a couple of time…at one point he yelled “I know that’s right” and the room erupted with laughter).
We all came away from the meeting not only feel the electricity buzzing from ourselves and each other but we left with a plan of action. It was great. I was outside with Amir talking to people as they left, while Domingo and Jason worked the room networking and getting the word out about People’s Power and Students United.
I feel empowered and lucky to have been a part of this community gathering and look forward to seeing mi gente at up coming events.


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