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The 1991 trial put Davis, who has always maintained his innocence, on death row based on the testimony of nine witnesses and no physical evidence.

Since the trial, seven of the nine witnesses have changed their stories, saying they cannot identify Davis as the killer.


In court testimony last year, Jeffrey Sapp told a court that he had implicated Davis in the murder because police had told him to do so, and he feared retribution if he were to say otherwise.


Darrel Collins told the court that police threatened with an ‘accessory to murder’ charge if he didn’t testify against Davis.


Benjamin Gordon, a new witness called by Davis’ legal team at the 2010 trial without any doubt that he saw another man, Sylvester Coles, shoot and kill the police officer.


“A lot of them had criminal records back then, and that’s why they were easily manipulated,” said Davis’ sister Marina Correia at the time.







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