voice gone…fired up…but what now [disclaimer i am tired and did not proof read]

what a day….

dropped my son off at 7:45am…in class from 8:30am til 1:30…worked from 2 until 4…rallied from 4:30 till 7:15…picked up my kid from his friends house at 8…walked home and am finally sitting down.

i missed a really important opening for an art exhibit that showcased a piece of mine and i had to choose between the movement and my work…i choose the movement, and I let some friends down…for that i feel guilty…but back to the movement…

on the train ride down i met up with my comrade khalil the organizer for students united at bronx community college…we had a conversation with a fellow student on our way down about the differences between reform and revolution…needless to say khalil and i are on the revolution side…

khalil and i get down there and try to find people we know…we both ran into various allies…Picture The Homeless and PSC very proud to have run into many of my HOSTOS professors.  we both tried calling people we knew and went looking for other members of students united, but couldn’t find anyone so we fell into step with a mix of radical filipinas, cop-watch gente, and picture the homeless folks.

khalil, griff (aka louis) and i inched our way along with the masses (atleast 10k) from Foley Square to Wall Street.  We got excited and chanted (hey hey ho ho NYPD have got to go) we disagreed with other chants (this is what democracy looks like…really? barricaded and trapped by the police while they closed down streets but only allowed us to use a quarter of the street and the sidewalk…what kind hypocrisy, i mean democracy…) we found a dollar and gave it away (after we wrote OCCUPY WALL STREET and our names) and then we chanted some more….but now what

i left (i had to pick up my son) just as the rest of the people were arriving from Foley Square to Wall Street…my mom told me that she heard people were starting to get arrested as off 9pm (the cops weren’t too happy when i left) and my friend just confirmed that.

i am really happy that so many people came out, and i think that is really a victory within itself, but i really want to know what is next. NOW WHAT. we have seen that there is support, we have seen how many people will come out…but when are we going to stop allowing ourselves to be quarantined by barricades? when are the barriers going to be pushed down…when are the cops going to realize that without their uniforms on THEY ARE part of the 99% and they have more in common with us…then wall street.

i need to finish my paper that is due tomorrow.

until next time…same revolutionary time same revolutionary channel


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