City College Prisoner Justice Club Today!! October 20th

Prisoner Justice Club meeting
The Student Affairs Conference Room (Wille Administration Building, Room 209)


1.Welcome new members and introduction of newly appointed Executive Board (10 min)
2.Mention of volunteer opportunities by Ruth and Daniella (In Arms Reach Harlem Youth Law and Justice Center) (20 min)
Organizing, public speaking, advocacy, and graphic design opportunities mentioned by Daniella

Circulate Sign up sheets 

3.Announcements: 10/27 panel on Wall St Occupation and future plan of event involving people exonerated from Death Row (5 min)  

4.Mention of New Jim Crow, written by Michele Alexander. (5 min)
Guest speaker: Lawrence Hayes to discuss his experience as a Black Panther and being on Death Row. (10 minutes)
6. Discussion/ Q&A (20 minutes)

Feel free to bring friends and colleagues who may be interested.


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