Press Conference

You can find links of videos and reporting done on the attack of students by CUNY Public Safety and NYPD.

Students gathered at Baruch at 4pm on Monday, November 22.  It was a CUNY-WIDE march organized by Students United for a Free Cuny, a coalition of CUNY campuses dedicated (among other things) to having open admissions at CUNY, along with its original mission of being free for any NYC public school graduate.   Students were there, in part, because the Board of Trustees is known for making damaging decisions for students, without hearing from any students.  Further, since many of Trustees are not actually educators or affiliated with education in any kind of way (they are bankers or work in Finance) it would make sense that they hear from the people whose lives they are affecting.

Over the summer the Board raised tuition for the next five years, knowing that many students were not on campus, and there would be little push back from them.  On Monday the 22nd, the Board had a “public” meeting to discuss tuition increases.  Many students tried to register and were not allowed to, meanwhile, many PSC members were denied admittance.  There was nothing public about this meeting.

The protesters were met with hostility from police and public safety, which quickly escalated into a violent attack of students and professors.  Students United is holding a press conference FRIDAY @ 12pm on the steps of CITY HALL to discuss the attack.

Watch these links and show up.

There will be another protest on Monday November 28, @4pm at Baruch, more details to come.


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