TRUTH from Mark Torres!

Sisters and Brothers,

There is a new student group called Students United for a Free CUNY that is fighting the attempt of CUNY’s Board of Trustees to keep working class youth (especially Blacks and Latinos) from attaining a college education.  This courageous group of young women and men were brutality attacked by CUNY’s police force on Monday November 21st because they were speaking out against the GENTRIFICATION of the colleges.  
Part of this GENTRIFICATION PLAN has included imposing tuition (CUNY was free from 1847 until the 1970s when People of Color became the majority) and constantly raising tuition, underfunding CUNY, eliminating OPEN ADMISSIONS, using waiting lists to dissuade people from entering CUNY, making the application process more difficult, segregating primarily Black and Latino students into Community Colleges, underfunding and disbanding Black, Latino, Asian and Women Studies Departments and downgrading them to programs, recruiting European-American students to the Senior Colleges with scholarships and building dorms for them, and by creating a POLICE STATE on campus that on a daily basis harasses and attempts to deny students their rights to free speech and assembly.

The GENTRIFICATION OF CUNY is most glaringly apparent at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn which has been chronically underfunded and is now headed by a race traitor who has attacked vital programs that link the college to the community, and who has destroyed any sense of democracy on campus.  Clearly, the Board of Trustees wants to take Medgar Evers away from the Black community and hand it over to the Hasidic Community–NYC Divisive Race Politics 101.
Moreover, the New York City Department of Education graduates students who are not ready for college, over 3/4 of our high school graduates need remedial classes when they get to CUNY, and the CUNY Board of Trustees is “RAISING STANDARDS” to push out and keep out our future leaders and defenders.  Our youth are being squeezed between RACISM at the Kindergarten through High School levels and RACISM at the City University of New York.  

While we are clear that CUNY’s Board of Trustees are puppets of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Wall Street (10 out of the 15 appointed “Trustees” are directly tied to Corporate Interests and includes 1 Board member who worked in the FBI’s counterintelligence division), we need to speak out at the next Board of Trustees’ meeting and plan for the continued fight against CUNY’s Gentrification Plan.

2 comments on “TRUTH from Mark Torres!

  1. Marissa G says:

    Well God All Mighty! What a group of race killing vigilantes! I personally think we shouldn’t just stop at education. Why not set higher goals? Free Bentleys in America to all Blacks and Latinos! After all they are highly available and made for whites and personally, the material wealth needs to be evenly spread to our races (which by the way, Latino is not a race, but lets just say it is). Anyone who gets in our way are racist traitors. Forget about Bentleys comparative advantage and the excellence in product delivered to its white costumers, we need them FREE and available to all Blacks and Latinos provided by the government, yours truly, the police state. When this happens, Bentley will love the added sales, raise the price of their cars (to the white consumers) even more and sneak by, by making shittier cars. In 20 years, we can all complain again and get them FREE. How about that? Where can I sign up!?

  2. sandyenglish says:

    The brutal attacks on students here and at UC Davis should, the closing down of the Zuccotti Park occupation and the mass arrests arrests of Anti_Wall Street protesters should show us that we have no choice but to take up a *political* struggle against this government and the parties that make it up, not only Bloomberg, but the the City Council and Andrew Cuomo, who are representatives of one of the two major Wall Street parties.

    The content of such a struggle must be, as I see it, *working class politics with a socialist program*: nationalizing the banks and corporations, run the world economy democratically according to a plan, a government of by and for the working class.

    I think the positing above will hinder this kind of politics. “Race traitor”, (a phrase normally used by fascists), “gentrification” of CUNY, are the language of identity politics, that seeks to promote race, gender and ethnicity as the essential social categories above social class. How can this be anything but reactionary and particularly backward in a struggle to defend the rights of *all* working class people in New York City to a free and high-quality education?

    Nothing of this sort can be achieved without the unity of the whole working class, internationally, and, agian, without a complete break with Wall Street political parties, especially the Democrats, who themselves seek to divide the working class along racial, ethnic and gender lines.

    Racism and other forms of oppression must be attacked from a class angle, with a socialist program that fights for education is a basic social right of the working class, and is non-negotiable.

    Check out the International Students for Social Equality

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