Thursday at 1:30 at John Jay
Chancellor Goldstein is coming to John Jay…. He just voted to raise our tuition Monday!!!!!!!
Goldstein, the man in charge of CUNY, earns almost $600,000 a year; THAT IS MORE THAN OBAMA, yet he states there’s no money and that they need to raise tuition.

Demand that he cut his PAYCHECK, not our right to an affordable education!




  1. knockknock says:

    hey guys what you are doing is amazing, would love to get in touch with you to talk about other issues, but you dont seem to have an email address listed

    any we were hoping you would support this:

    A campaign was started to end student debt by not making payments. Over 2,000 have signed. When we reach 1 MILLION signatures, we will stop making payments on student loans.

    We thought it would be great just to have students see how many are willing to sign – whether we reach a million or not is another thing, but just to see that people support this is important. Please help spread the word, we are not involved with this campaign but support it as students.

    Check out our article on the Student Debt below:

    Check out our site:


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