Students United is a coalition of students from all campuses. If you want to get involved and take action, find your affiliate organization on campus.

Baruch College

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Brooklyn College

Bronx Community College
City College of New York
Hunter College
John Jay College
Lehman College
Medgar Evers College
New York City College of Technology
Queens College
York College

2 comments on “Campuses

  1. Anna Victoria Rondon says:

    Hi my name is Anna Victoria Rondon and I’m currently a full time student at Lehman College. I commend your organizations efforts in eliminating the economical discrepancies that is hindering the advancement of low income students that are attending or planning to attend any of the CUNY institutions. While I was browsing this web page, I found it very interesting that Lehman College doesn’t have any representatives aboard your organization and wanted to ask if Students United for a Free CUNY was seeking any representatives to join their coalition? The reason why I ask is because out of all CUNY institutions, Lehman College is currently the poorest CUNY institution educating a diverse group of individuals from limited economical backgrounds. I think by having a representative from Lehman College collaborate with Students United for a Free CUNY will instill vital resources needed for the Lehman College community. Thank You so very much for taking out the time in reading my comment, I look forward to hearing from you.

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