At City College Thursday, December 8th, students will be gathering in front of the administration building to pass out flyers that have facts about the tuition increases.  If you are interested in getting involved with Students United, or interested in meeting other students who are pushing back against these increases, please meet in front of the Administration building during club hours (12:30 to 2).

Every single CUNY student is being affected by the tuition increase.  If you know about the tuition increases come out and be part of the conversation, if you don’t know about them come out and be part of a conversation.  We need to be active participants in this fight against tuition increases.


December 8th

12:30 to 2

Show Support



Thursday at 1:30 at John Jay
Chancellor Goldstein is coming to John Jay…. He just voted to raise our tuition Monday!!!!!!!
Goldstein, the man in charge of CUNY, earns almost $600,000 a year; THAT IS MORE THAN OBAMA, yet he states there’s no money and that they need to raise tuition.

Demand that he cut his PAYCHECK, not our right to an affordable education!


Banks got Bailed Out/Students got SOLD OUT

“Several hundred protesters are currently marching near Baruch College at 24th Street at Lexington Avenue to demonstrate against the planned $300/year (over five years) tuition hikes that the City University Board of Trustees is expected to vote on this afternoon, as well as a need for “democratic accountability.” There’s a heavy NYPD presence, with police on scooters attempting to funnel the demonstrators into barricaded areas and off the street.” – the gothamist


Entire article here

Board of Trustees Approves 31% Tuition Increase

“Three hundred dollars may not seem like [much] for a lot of people, but for me it’s two months of groceries – that’s impossible for some of us,” said Meli Rodriguez LaSalle, 18, a sophomore at John Jay College. “For someone on the board of trustees, that’s one night out for dinner.”

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